January 12, 2010   

7:00 p.m. BOARD MEETING 


 1.       Call to order with the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE the Regular Meeting on January 12, 2010 Board of Trustees for Fremont County School District #25


 2.       Roll Call


 3.       Consider adoption or make changes in the Board’s agenda.


 4.       Consent Agenda

         * Approve the minutes of the December 8th, 2009 Board Meetings (attachment)

           * Consider payment of bills including late pays


5.        Round Table:

               Visitors or Delegations


                Board Members or Staff

                       Present plaque to Larry Christensen                                                           

               Committee Reports

6.        Action Agenda Items:


           a.     Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve Out-of-State  Travel  Requests


           b.    Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Adopt a Resolution  


           c.     Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve an MOU with the SFC


           d.    Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve Change Order No. 001


7.     Information Items

         a.     The District Party is January 9th at the Elks at 7:00 p.m.

         b.     WSBA workshops this Saturday, January 16th in Casper  

         c.     WSBA Legislative Forum will be held on Sunday, February 21, 2010 in Cheyenne  

         d.    Board Officers will need to sign financial documents for the new signature plates after the Board meeting

         e.     Legislature Contact Information Booklets provided by the Wyoming Trucking Association

         f.     We have received several letters of praise and appreciation for the Self Defense Classes

         g.     Thank you note from R Recreation for the District’s support and use of the buildings

         h.     Notice from Larry Hartwell regarding the custodial staff meeting. Thank you note from Barb David, Ted May and PJ Moore (Aspen Park Custodians) for the lunch for the custodial staff

         i.      Invitation to the Legislative dinner at Wind River          

         j.      Thank you and appreciation card to Craig Beck from Pat Hardt

         k.     Quote from Craig Beck in John G. Miller’s latest book Outstanding! 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional

         l.      Scott Robinson has been hired as a Special Ed. Paraprofessional at Rendezvous

         m.    Lorraine Kinder has been hired as a crossing guard

         n.     Rendezvous Custodian Robert Vinton is retiring at the end of the month. He has worked for the District for 29 years.

         o.     Ashley Kinder has resigned as a crossing guard

         p.     Report on the Aspen Park Water Leak

         q.     Report from Larry Hartwell regarding the iris damper operation at Aspen Park

         r.     Copy of the NWBOCES annual report

         s.     Report on District Goals 2/9/10

         t.     Agreement with Richard and Carol Weber regarding the pumping of the irrigation ditch

         u.     We may lease space at the old Lincoln School to Child Development Services. Craig Beck is thinking at a very reasonable rate like we do for the WDE & FCBOCES at the TAC

         v.     Donation of Christmas gifts from Central Bank & Trust to 14 students

         w.    Donation from the Riverton Fire and Police Departments through the “Operation Give Smiles” and “Shop with a Cop” programs to 32 families.

         x.     Donation of five dinners for Christmas from the Kiwanis

         y.     Donation from Walmart of $250 on behalf of volunteer Megan Phillips who works in her daughter’s kindergarten classroom.


  8.    Executive Session – Personnel and Litigation


 9.     Adjournment