September 8, 2009   

7:00 p.m. BOARD MEETING 


 1.       Call to order with the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE the Regular Meeting on September 8, 2009 Board of Trustees for Fremont County School District #25


 2.       Roll Call


 3.       Consider adoption or make changes in the Board’s agenda.


 4.       Consent Agenda

         * Approve the minutes of the July 15th, 2009 Board Meetings

           * Consider payment of bills including late pays

           * Ratify the bills approved on August 24th and 25th by the Board members

           * Ratify the phone polling on August 21, 2009 to Approve Policy 8151 “Student Use of Video Or Photographic Equipment” on Second Reading

           * Ratify the phone polling on August 21, 2009 to Approve Policy 8092 “Physical Restraint” on Second Reading


5.        Round Table:

               Visitors or Delegations

                       Key Club

                Board Members or Staff                                                                                         

               Committee Reports

6.        Action Agenda Items:


         a.      Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Offer a Contract to Rebecca Jones


        b.        Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve to Hire Coaches and Sponsors


         c.      Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve a Change to the Transportation Routes


        d.       Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Accept a Grant from the Wyoming Arts Council





           e.     Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve an Out-of-State Travel Request  


  7.    Information Items

         a.     We ran the ad “Being There Makes a Difference” in the paper and on the radio last spring and at the start of school for the communication and student achievement goals

         b.     Article For schools, use of stimulus money falls short of big hopes

         c.     WSBA Memo

         d.    PAWS Scores

         e.     Wyoming State Board of Education and P-15 Council 2009 Education Summit Summary of Recommendations

         f.     E-Mail from WHSAA Ron Laird regarding the Virtual Schools and participation in activities

         g.     Dr. JoAnne Flanagan has been invited to serve on the North Central Association Quality Assurance Review Team in Okinawa, Japan

         h.     Note from new SRO Charlie Marshall

         i.      Memo from Larry Hartwell regarding the H1N1 virus

         j.      H1N1 Swine flu information from the CDC

         k.     Sheri Hinkle has resigned from her position as the library aide at Aspen Park

         l.      Tammy Hugus has been transferred to the library aide position at Aspen Park

         m.    Dawna Engle has been hired as the SPED behavior resource aide at RMS

         n.     Natalie Clayton has been hired as a special ed para-professional at RHS

         o.     Thank you note from Judy Morrison

         p.     Expressions of appreciation for the enhancement pay and/or raise have been received from the bus drivers and Val Ratliff

         q.     Proposal from Iron Works Gym  


  8.    Discussion Items

         a.     Video “Do You Know?”

         b.     Myron Peabody and laptops


  9.    Adjournment