Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

September 25, 2007


Roll Call


Bill Russell, Chair, absent                                             Marisa Root, Member, present

Carl Manning, Vice Chair, present                                 Larry Christensen, Member, present

Jim Crouch, Clerk, present                                           Nance Shelsta, Member, present

Steve Cooper, Treasurer, present


Superintendent Craig Beck, present                               Assistant Superintendent Kim McKinnon, present

Joel Vincent, Attorney, present                                     Business Manager, Mike Collins, present

Candace McCue, Administrative Assistant, absent


Also present: Walt Cook, Riverton Ranger; Beth Merrit and Sophia Wilson from WalMart; Gay Hughes, Micah Christensen, Sara Perkins, Andrea Novotny and Maria Killingmo from the Riverton Key Club.



Open Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on September 25, 2007 by Vice Chair Carl Manning. The pledge of allegiance immediately followed.


Roll Call


Carl Manning reported that there was a quorum present to transact business.


Consider Adoption or Make Changes in the Board Agenda


The following changes were made to the Board agenda:

           Late pays.


           Information Items: A, B and D need to be moved to discussion items.


           Information Items

           c.    Illustrations of High School seating diagrams for campaign.


327           Moved by Marisa Root to adopt the agenda with the changes. Seconded by Nance Shelsta. Motion carried.


Consent Agenda


The following consent agenda items were presented:                               

           * Approve the minutes of the September 25, 2007 Board Meetings

           * Consider payment of bills including late pays


328           Moved by Nance Shelsta to approve consent agenda. Seconded by Larry Christensen.

     Motion carried. 


Bills Paid

GENERAL FUND, Warrant No. 83826 - 84011 ----------------------------------------------- $ 2,525,318.37

FOOD SERVICE, Warrant No. 4090 - 4093---------------------------------------------------------- 19,851.82

SPECIAL REVENUE, Warrant No. 21197 – 21239 -----------------------------------------------  746,098.44

ACTIVITIES ACCOUNT, Warrant No. 7256 - 7327 ---------------------------------------------     22,673.01

INSURANCE ACCOUNT, Warrant No. 2599 - 2602-----------------------------------------------  344,399.64

CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION FUND, Warrant No. 261 - 269 ------------------------------------1,250,330.13

MAJOR MAINTENANCE FUND, Warrant No. 358 – 359 ---------------------------------------       39,952.00


Round Table


WalMart representatives were present to talk about their Teacher Award program.  Their Teacher of the Year this year is Nancy Alley.  Board Members were given invitations to honor the awarded teachers on Oct. 11, 2007 at 2 p.m. at Lincoln School.


Key Club representatives gave a presentation on the KeyLeader program and requested permission from the Board to travel out of state to Colorado. They also presented information on The Youth Opportunities Fund.  The Riverton Key Club applied for and received a grant of $1,900 in matching funds to provide internet access for a school in Doan Hung, Vietnam.


Sgt. Williams was not available as anticipated.


Marisa Root expressed her satisfaction regarding the meeting earlier today with WHSAA.


Craig attended the Joint Education meeting on Monday regarding upcoming legislation concerning funding issues. 


Craig did not go to the Management Council meeting this a.m.


Larry Christensen introduced Craig Blumenshine as the Chairman for the Foundations for our Future committee.


Larry Christensen also mentioned an article that he read that states that the Riverton High School graduation rate is down.  The High School administrators have been tasked with determining the factors for this issue to reduce in the future.  Kim McKinnon addressed the difficulties regarding the differences in testing between in WYCAS and PAWS proficiencies to determine these factors.


Carl Manning introduced Walt Cook from the Riverton Ranger. He will be attending these meetings in Carolyn’s absence.  The Board agenda will be sent to his attention until further notice.


Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve the Request for Out-of-State Travel for Key Club to KeyLeader in Colorado. They will need two vehicles.


Craig Beck recommended that the Board approve the Key Club trip to Colorado as per policy.


329     Moved by Nance Shelsta. Seconded by Jim Crouch.  Motion carried.

Information Items:

a.          “Where will the Jobs be in 2012?”

b.          Linda Drewry has been hired as a Special Education Paraprofessional at Rendezvous.

c.          Illustrations of High School seating diagrams for campaign


Discussion Items:


a.       Public meetings required for the Bond Election.  The District will advertise meetings on October 10th in the PMR and a second on October 20 (possibly at the new field in conjunction with the Youth Day).

b.       Update on WHSAA meeting earlier today.

c.       Ribbon cutting ceremony plans for the new Track and Field.  District will advertise the ceremony to be held with the public Bond Meeting on October 20, 2007.


Executive Session


There was no Executive Session held.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.


__________________________________                      _______________________________

Bill Russell, Chair                                                         Jim Crouch, Clerk



SEPTEMBER 25, 2007



327           Motion to adopt the agenda with changes.  Motion carried.


328           Motion to approve consent agenda. Motion carried


329           Motion to approve Key Club out of state trip to Colorado. Motion carried.