Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

October 9, 2007


Roll Call


Bill Russell, Chair, absent                                             Marisa Root, Member, present

Carl Manning, Vice Chair, present                                 Larry Christensen, Member, present

Jim Crouch, Clerk, present                                           Nance Shelsta, Member, present

Steve Cooper, Treasurer, present


Superintendent Craig Beck, present                               Assistant Superintendent Kim McKinnon, present

Joel Vincent, Attorney, present                                     Business Manager, Mike Collins, present

Candace McCue, Administrative Assistant, absent


Also present: Walt Cook, Colleen Nelson, Mel Muldrow, Casey Styvar, Callie Stone, Mike Brackin, Kathy Edwards, Pam Rivers, and Karen Wardner.


Open Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on October 9, 2007 by Chair Bill Russell. The pledge of allegiance immediately followed.


Roll Call


Jim Crouch reported that there was a quorum present to transact business.


Consider Adoption or Make Changes in the Board Agenda


The following changes were made to the Board agenda:

           Late pays.


330     Marisa Root moved to adopt the agenda with the changes. Seconded by Nance Shelsta. Motion carried.


Consent Agenda


The following consent agenda items were presented:                               

           * Approve the minutes of the September 25, 2007 Board Meetings

           * Consider payment of bills including late pays


331     Moved by Carl Manning to approve consent agenda. Seconded by Steve Cooper.

     Motion carried. 


Bills Paid

GENERAL FUND, Warrant No. 84011 - 84118 ----------------------------------------------- $      77,094.34

FOOD SERVICE, Warrant No. 4094 – 4096 ------------------------------------------------------- 114,825.87

SPECIAL REVENUE, Warrant No. 21240 – 21278 -----------------------------------------------    27,975.30

ACTIVITIES ACCOUNT, Warrant No. 7328 - 7385 ---------------------------------------------     13,013.35

INSURANCE ACCOUNT, Warrant No. 2603 – 2604 -----------------------------------------------    3,359.42

CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION FUND, Warrant No. 268 - 274 ------------------------------------ 1,657,452.17

MAJOR MAINTENANCE FUND, Warrant No. 360 – 361  ---------------------------------------      30,608.29


Round Table


Mike Brackin and Kathy Edwards from Hellas Construction gave an update on the progress at the New Track and Field Facility.  Craig Beck expressed his appreciation to Hellas for their experienced suggestions and their generous $8,000 donation to cut and paste in the required white dash line.


Callie Stone from FFA addressed the Board and requested approval to travel to the NILE Stock Show in Billings, MT.


Colleen Nelson from JGA presented the suggested color scheme for the bricks for the new Lincoln School.  They are requesting approval from the Board for these suggestions by this Friday a.m.


Mel Muldrow from Muldrow Consulting provided an update on the progress of the new Lincoln School to date. 


Pam Rivers addressed the Board regarding her request to use sick leave time to attend her daughter’s competition.  She suggested that that Board consider other options for allowing long term employees that have accrued large numbers of sick leave to use those days as personal days.


Marisa Root announced that the CAN group will present during the WSBA meetings and will also have a breakout session.


Carl Manning stated that the Fremont County BOCES has not met yet this fall.  They did get a report from the Job Corp.  He mentioned that a representative from Senator Enzi’s office will be here this Thursday at the Ol’ Broker at 11:15.


Carl also mentioned that the High School Marching Band is currently practicing at the Tonkin Field.


Larry Christensen announced that the Rec Board met last week and are receiving nominations for Volunteer of the Year Awards.  Looking at presenting long term and short term awards.


Craig Beck reminded the Board that the School Facilities Commission will be meeting in our Public Meeting Room on the 15, 16, and 17th of October.  Mel Muldrow will be giving tours of the new Lincoln site and Mike Collins will give tours of the Track facility to the SFC group.  Craig also reminded the Board that he will be out of the office for dr. appointments during this time.


All Board members are registered for the WSBA meeting in November in Casper.  Hotel rooms are also reserved.  Craig asked the Board members to let us know as soon as they can if they do not plan on attending this meeting so we can release the rooms.



Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve the Request for Out-of-State Travel for FFA to travel to the NILE Stock Show.


Craig recommended that the Board approve the Key Club trip to Billings, MT as per policy.


332     Moved by Steve Cooper. Seconded by Nance Shelsta.  Motion carried.


Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve the Request for use of a bus for Wyoming Banker’s Assn. Agriculture Committee and the Riverton Rec After School Program field trips.


Craig recommended that the Board approve the use of a District bus for these two field trips.


333     Moved to approve by Marisa Root. Seconded by Nance Shelsta. Motion carried.


Consider an Administrative Recommendation to hire an Assistant Wrestling Coach for the High School.


Craig recommended that the Board approve the hiring of Ryan Fabrizius as the Assistant Wrestling Coach at the High School.


334     Moved to approve by Larry Christensen. Seconded by Jim Crouch.  Motion carried.


Consider an Administrative Recommendation to create a new position of Receptionist at the District Office.


Craig recommended that the Board create a new position at the District Central Office for a Receptionist.


335     Moved to approve by Marisa Root. Seconded by Larry Christensen.  Motion carried.


Consider an Administrative Recommendation to amend the contract with JGA.


Craig recommended that the Board approve the amendments to the JGA contract as presented.


336     Moved to approve by Carl Manning. Seconded by Marisa Root.  Motion carried.


Consider an Administrative Recommendation to approve two out-of-state Wrestling trips to Utah.


Craig recommended that the Board approve the out-of-state wrestling trips as per policy.


337     Moved by Nance Shelsta. Seconded by Jim Crouch.  Motion Carried.



Information Items:

           a.   Enrollment numbers in the District

           b.   “Math at Lincoln School” Internet blog by Terri Kucera

           c.    Proposal to WHSAA from Keith Bauder regarding reclassification. Marisa thanked Keith for putting this proposal together.

           d.   “Lego Robotics” exploratory class for sixth graders

           e.   Request from Pam Rivers to use accumulated sick leave and personal leave to attend her daughter’s Miss Rodeo America contest.

           f.    Construction sign that will be posted at the new Lincoln Elementary School site.

           g.   “Special Services in the Know” publication.

           h.   Craig Beck announced that Jim Rostron will be retiring from JGA around the end of November.

           i.    Craig stated that he has sent in a request to the SFC to separate the Middle School and High Schools in the calibration.  They are considering his request.

           j.    Craig presented a sample of the yard signs to promote the Track Bond Issue.

           k.    Craig reminded the Board that the Bond Meeting will be October 10 to explain the project to the public.


Executive Session:


338       Moved by Marisa Root to recess into an executive session. Seconded by Jim Crouch. Motion carried.


The Board recessed into an executive session at 7:44 p.m. and reconvened at 7:46 p.m.

No action was taken.



339       Moved by Marisa Root to adjourn.  Seconded by Nance Shelsta. Motion carried.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.




__________________________________                      _______________________________

Bill Russell, Chair                                                         Jim Crouch, Clerk