December 11, 2007   

6:00 p.m. BWS – Reorganize Board


7:00 p.m. BOARD MEETING  


 1.        Call to order with the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE the Regular Meeting of  December 11 , 2007 Board of Trustees for Fremont County School District #25


 2.        Roll Call


 3.     a.      Election of Officers





         b.      Financial Designations

                  1.   Approve the following as depositors: First Interstate, Community First, Wells Fargo Bank, Wyoming Government Investment, Central Bank and Trust, Wyoming National Bank

                  2.  Approve the New Board Chair, Clerk and Treasurer as Signatories for the Accounts at the Above Listed Banks

                  3.   Approve the New Board Chair and Treasurer as Signatories for the Safe Deposit Box

                  4.   Approve Use of Existing Signature Plate Until New Plates Are Made


         c.      Appointments

                     1.    Big Horn Basin Children’s Center (NW BOCES) Representative

                     2.    Fremont County BOCES Representative

                     3.    Fremont County BOCHES Representative

                     4.    WSBA Delegates (2)

                     5.    Legislative Coordinator

                     6.    Chief Budgeting Officer and Purchasing Agent (Craig Beck)

                     7.    Legal Counsel (Joel Vincent)

                     8.    Official Newspaper (Ranger)

                     9.    Federal Programs (Kim McKinnon)

                   10.    Child Nutrition, Free and Reduced Hearing Officer (Mike Collins)

                  11.    District No. 25 Recreation Board Representatives (2)

                  12.    District Leadership Team Representatives (2)

                  13.    Salary Committee Representative

                  14.    Swim Pool Use Committee 

                  15.    Representative for Fremont County Board/Superintendent Meetings

                  16.    Staff Relations Committee


 4.        Consider adoption or make changes in the Board’s agenda.


 5.        Consent Agenda

Approve the minutes of the November 27 , 2007 Board Meeting

Consider payment of bills including the late pays


 6.        Round Table:


Visitors or Delegations

        John Welter – Macy’s Day Parade Update

        Mel Muldrow – Update on the Lincoln Construction Project

Board Members or Staff

        Curt Collins – RMS School Improvement Plan

            Committee Reports


 7.        Action Agenda Items:


            a.     Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Approve the Out-of-State Travel for the Band to Colorado Springs


            b.     Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Adopt the “Developmentally Delayed” Label to Provide Services for Special Education in Fremont County School District No. 25


c.     Consider an Administrative Recommendation to Accept the Resignation of Mike Carroll as Assistant High School Track Coach


 8.        Information Items

            a.     WSBA Memo

            b.     Donation from Exxon Mobil to RMS for anti-bullying programs

            c.     RHS December activities

            d.     FCBOCES Media Release regarding “Energy Exploration” curriculum 

            e.     Report on Riverton students on tuition waivers


 9.        Discussion Items

            a.     Form an Ad Hoc Study Committee after the first of the new year to look at solutions to build a stadium at the new track & activity field.  This could include a bond proposal in November.


10.       Executive Session – Student Discipline (Consider a Previous Decision) and Potential Land Acquisition


11.       Adjournment