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****FREE DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENINGS for ALL children birth through 5 years old provided by Child Development Services of Fremont County!

Your child will be screened for: vision, hearing, speech/language, cognition, gross and fine motor skills, self-help, and socialization.
Our FREE screenings are a quick and FUN check to make sure your child is meeting his or her developmental milestones. One before the age of two and two screenings before the age of five is essential!

Call to make an appointment: Lander 332-5508 Riverton 856-4337 Shoshoni 856-4337 Dubois 332-5508****

To Fremont County School District #25! Approximately 2,500 students in and around the Riverton, Wyoming area are served by the school district.

Fremont County School District Number 25 is dedicated to producing competent graduates who can succeed at their next level of endeavor, who believe in the worth and dignity of themselves and others, and who pursue life-long learning in an ever-changing, richly diverse society. We provide an environment conducive to learning and a well-balanced curriculum, delivered by a highly qualified staff responsible for learning, with an uncompromised commitment to excellence.